Ceramic Filling

The old, insufficient filling is removed, the cavity is cleansed of caries and the dentine is disinfected. Amalgam fillings and all caries are cleanly removed under usage of a dental dam (protective rubber sheet).

Enamel and dentine are prepared in different working steps to attain a thick, gap-free bond between tooth substance and filling material.

The plastic ceramics are built up in layers, and every single layer is polymerised (hardened) with UV light. The individual colouring of the filling can also be attained through the layering technique. The contacts with the adjacent teeth are exactly modelled and the chewing surface is shaped according to functional aspects. In conclusion, the final hardening of the filling occurs through lighting from all sides. After removal of the dental dam the chewing surface is checked and fine corrections are made.

The high-gloss polishing of the entire filling takes place afterwards. In conclusion, all teeth are fluoridated. The restoration of a defective tooth by means of plastic ceramics is much more labour-intensive and time-consuming than this was the case earlier with amalgam fillings.

But the final result is an aesthetic filling, which hardly differs from a natural tooth (no black “fillings”), and a gap-free transition between filling and tooth substance. In addition, the filling is immediately resilient and very durable.

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