Diagnosis is the “mother of therapy”. And that is why your current status is very carefully determined by us. This is not dismissed with a quick X-ray image. A therapy and care plan is developed together afterwards.

You have never seen your teeth like this!

We get to the bottom of things with a tiny video camera. On the display you will see for the first time what you could at most taste with your tongue up to now. Plaster models of your teeth make the current situation vivid. The harmonious and smooth function of the masticatory system (teeth, musculature and temporomandibular joint) is also examined.

A magician makes the visible invisible.
We make it the other way round!

The clinical examination, X-ray images and laser density measurement make existing caries visible. We can even see into the future and estimate your future risk of caries - with saliva tests! As a result, aggressive caries bacteria and other risk factors are detected and eliminated in due time (prophylaxis).

Genetic research has more to offer than blue tomatoes.

We detect an existing periodontitis through the clinical and radiological examination. Among other things, we measure the depth of your gingival pockets and the tendency to bleed. The PCR analysis verifies aggressive periodontitis bacteria in the gingival pockets. And now - thanks to the decoding of the human genome - even the hereditary risk of periodontitis can be verified (PRT).

All diagnostic findings will be explained to you - und without the usual technical jargon. Because after all, we do not want to show that we have paid attention in Latin, but we want to make you clever.

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