Digital Dentistry

In addition to tried and tested treatment methods, we also increasingly rely on digitalised processes in our modern dental practice. For the patient, in many cases this means increased precision, a high level of safety through digital planning as well as savings in terms of time and costs.

Highly aesthetic ceramic restoration – in 60 minutes:

With the CEREC (CEramic REConstruction) system we are able to produce inlays, onlays, veneers, etc. in usual precision, but with significant time savings. In this connection your tooth is recorded by a 3D scanner, the restoration is prepared on a virtual basis and subsequently cut out from a ceramic block by machine.

We can implant the definitive restoration in the same session.

Our practice has the latest, improved hardware and software in order to ensure the best possible restoration for you.

Your advantages:

  • No unpleasant impression material
  • No follow-up appointment
  • No annoying transitional prosthesis
  • You will find further information at

Digital implant planning:

In order to optimise the position of the implants to be inserted, this will be digitally planned in advance by means of a three-dimensional measurement of the jaw. So we navigate safely past structures to be spared such as nerves or the maxillary sinus and can optimally utilise the available bone structure. As a result, we know the exact position of the implant before the intervention.

Digital X-rays:

The most accurate and digitally exactly measurable exposures are attained with the aid of the most modern (low-radiation at the same time) X-ray technology.


Devices with which - additional to the radiological exposure – the determination of root canal length can be checked electronically and improved during a root canal treatment

Intraoral cameras:

We get to the bottom of things with a tiny video camera. On the display you will see for the first time what you could at most taste with your tongue up to now – naturally in high definition!

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