Various causes (caries, trauma, etc.) can entail an irreversible disorder of the dental pulp. Root canal treatment is the only possibility to preserve such a tooth. It comprises the removal of the diseased and possibly infected pulp tissue, with subsequent enlargement and disinfection of cavities and the tight closure by means of root filling.

Are all root canal treatments the same?

Root canal treatment is always to be seen as an attempt at tooth preservation. However, in modern endodontics the chances of success are over 90 percent.

The quality of the treatment performed by means of the most modern, certified procedures is decisive for this success.

Among other things, these are the following:

Surgical microscope:
Safety in finding and treating the root canals is increased through powerful enlargement and illumination of the tooth interior.

Digital X-rays:
The most accurate and digitally exactly measurable exposures are attained with the aid of the most modern (low-radiation at the same time) X-ray technology.

Devices with which - additional to the radiological exposure – the determination of root canal length can be checked and improved.

With appropriate treatment and diligent care, a root-treated tooth can have the same lifespan as other teeth.

You will also find further information about the subject of tooth preservation through root canal treatment on the campaign website: www.erhaltedeinenzahn.de

A campaign sponsored by the German Society for Endodontology and Dental Traumatology (DGET)

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