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After many years, old amalgam fillings are often permeable on the edges. Secondary caries has developed and the fillings must be removed. The amalgam fillings and all caries are cleanly removed, if possible under usage of a dental dam (protective rubber sheet).

The final tooth preparation for the accommodation of ceramic inlays is carried out under the greatest possible conservation of tooth substance and support of fragile dental structures. A precision impression of the teeth is made, from which an exact model is produced in the laboratory. A face bow transfer is possibly made to determine the position and function of the temporomandibular joint. These data are then transferred from the model into the chewing simulator.

Interim inlays (temporary fillings) protect the prepared teeth. After a long chain of working steps in the dental laboratory, the finished ceramic inlays are adhesively attached one to two weeks later. This means that the ceramic inlay is firmly adhered with plastic ceramics under usage of ultrasonic energy.

So today it is possible in the field of dentistry to attain absolutely seamless, closed transitions between filling and tooth substance. This means: bacteria-proof!

The tooth restored on the highest level in such a way is now no longer distinguishable from the other beautiful, natural teeth.

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