Periodontal Medicine

Gum bleeding as a symptom of periodontitis is a bacterial inflammation in the gingival pockets. And that endangers the hold of the teeth in the jawbone. This No. 1 widespread disease has more teeth to answer for than caries and accidents together. Current research efforts prove that this local inflammation can even spread via the circulation in the entire body.

The consequence: increased risk of heart attack and stroke, the danger of underweight premature births among pregnant women and serious risks for diabetics.

Insufficient oral hygiene, very specific aggressive bacteria, smoking, stress, adverse nutrition and heredity are a good breeding ground for periodontitis. We can do something against all factors, except for genetic predisposition. Yet much has also happened here.

Thanks to the decoding of the human genome, with a mucosal smear we can determine whether there is a risk of hereditary periodontitis. If so, we must do a bit more on a preventive basis. Particularly aggressive germs can be diagnosed by means of a smear from the gingival pocket.

Over 90% of periodontitis cases can be treated today without surgical interventions. All gingival pockets are cleansed under local anaesthesia with gentle instruments and the most modern ultrasonic technology. In the process, even hard deposits on the dental roots (tartar) are removed, and the bacteria are killed off and flushed out. Aggressive bacteria in adjacent tissue must be additionally combatted by means of antibiotics if necessary.

Science has also made great progress in terms of bone regeneration, i.e. the restoration of lost bony substance.

Permanent, supportive periodontitis therapy through our dental hygienists is indispensable for prevention of recurrences.

Tooth loss is simply not fate.

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