Once you have intensively examined our Internet presence, you will surely have already noticed. We prefer not to drill at all! It can also be avoided in quite a few cases, because prophylaxis is the focus of our practice philosophy.

Never fillings for our children! No more caries after high-quality sanitation! These are our goals. Help us in this regard. Periodontitis - no thanks!

The concept is extremely simple. Compare it with the inspection of your car. Anyone who regularly checks through and takes countermeasures in due time will never fall by the wayside! The pillars of our prophylaxis concept are our dental hygienists. They have specialised in prophylaxis after several years of training.

The health status and the beautiful radiance of your teeth will be examined and preserved in the course of individually coordinated recall programmes (regular appointments).

And this is how the prophylaxis session works:

  1. Case history (taking stock of the dental situation)
  2. Caries & periodontitis check
  3. Caries & periodontitis risk check
  4. Mucosal control and cancer screening
  5. Help for self-help, tips and tricks for efficient oral hygiene
  6. Advice regarding oral hygiene items
  7. Professional teeth cleaning, removal of tartar/calculus
  8. Removal of tea & nicotine coating
  9. 100% removal of plaque
  10. Professional teeth cleaning and polishing
  11. Ultrasonic cleaning and rinsing of gingival pockets
  12. Antibacterial rinses, gels, lacquers
  13. Application of protective caries lacquer
  14. Aesthetic cosmetic advice (e.g. bleaching)

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