If teeth are already affected or destroyed by caries, they must be restored. Teeth lost through periodontitis or caries must be replaced. You should be able to chew and laugh heartily without ever having to think of your teeth. We’ll take care of that!

Five points characterise our work:

  • Amalgam-free
  • Biocompatible (i.e. organically compatible)
  • Minimally invasive (greatest possible success with least possible intervention in existing hard & soft tooth tissue)
  • Aesthetic
  • Prophylaxis-oriented (we would prefer to keep a tooth healthy than have to repair it sometime or other)

There is no two-tiered dentistry, because there are more than just two possibilities to restore a tooth. From the simple defect filling to a complete “Restitutio ad integrum” - i.e. the restored tooth - there is no difference in either function or aesthetics. The different treatment possibilities and costs will be exactly described to you so that you can freely decide.

Missing teeth can also often be replaced by crowns on implants. So bridges and removable dental prostheses can be avoided in many cases.

Aesthetics: minor aesthetic changes in the shape of teeth can be realised today with odontoplasty. Discoloured, dark front teeth can be brightened by means of a gentle bleaching procedure. A “Hollywood smile” can be attained through “veneers” (ceramic shells which are adhered to the front teeth). Wedge-shaped defects and erosions are invisibly and directly filled by plastic ceramics.

The most modern restorative aesthetic procedures often go beyond the imagination and reimbursement possibilities of insurance companies. However, you do not have to do without!

We will gladly advise you.

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